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We want to extend a warm WELCOME to all customers, potential customers, employers and potential employers who are fiercely seeking professional services as well as an additional income stream.
The Minijobbank is where the impossible to find becomes possible to obtain. We refer to impossible as something that has never been done but our
Minijobbank brings a wide cross-section of freelancers and workers from various skill sets to satisfy your every need.
Have you ever thought or hoped you could get help to complete a small project or get a handyman to complete a one off task but the thought vanished because it is deemed impossible to find such persons?
Well, the Minijobbank sole purpose and existence is to ensure that those thoughts and hopes become a reality. Whether you're in between jobs, or looking to make some extra dough,
let us help you connect with those who can use a hand.
Need a little help on a project or just need a hand but the budget is tight?
No worries, I'm sure someone here can help you. Post a Job and name your price and wait for a response.

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JasonMus Россия

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LabBinalWafBC LabBinalWafBC Россия

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